You are a band ?

and you want some live pictures?

For your website or even for promotional purpose?

I can help you. Just send me an email with your request.

You are a concert organizer ?

or even a festival organizer?

And you want some photography to promote your event?

Don't hesitate to contact me.

Contact me :

+32 494 25 84 77

I live in Wallonia, in a small city in the middle of nowhere. But don't worry, I have a car.

Who am I

"Just in case, I'm a girl.

Passions: live photography and music, rock and metal especially.

If you use animal blood during your show don't count on me, I'm vegetarian.

I am also a little bit geek and to make matters worse I study computer sciences.

But I'm not that young. Things are not always what they appear to be. "